Azevedo Legal Migration Pactice is proud to be the leading migration law firm in Portugal. Our spotless track record shows the passion we have for what we do.

All our lawyers and paralegals have been migrants at least once in their lifetime. This puts Azevedo Legal in a unique position as everyone in our office understands exactly what our clients face during their migratory journey.

Headquartered in Portugal, we are fully aware of worldwide migratory movements, we are a part of them and have a deep knowledge of the Portuguese reality. Based on our understanding of global and local reality, we offer our clients the best migration insights and strategies. As no two clients are alike, all our solutions and road maps are tailor-made. We go beyond migration law to deliver what clients expect and need.

At Azevedo Legal Investment Practice no investment is too small and no deal too big. If it matters to the client it will have our undivided attention and will be our top priority.


For us, the client comes first, and we will always adapt to the client’s needs to provide them with the best legal support.

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